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23 June 2012 @ 11:05 pm
ChangminHo 'Once-A-Day' Drabble Series - 10.2  
Apparently previous post too large so this is part B


iii) BABY HWARA MEETS PAPA AND DADDY – ChangminHo ‘Hello Baby’ Subseries (Chapter one is: HERE - drabble iv)

Sunlight streamed through the sheer lacy curtains and lend its warm glow across the king bed in the middle of the big room. The lone figure in the bed stirred and when his wandering arm found just empty space next to him, slight frown adorned that youthful handsome face.

Reluctantly Shim Changmin opened first one eye, then both – to confirm that yes indeed he is currently alone on the large bed. Yawning, the young singer glanced at the bedside table to look at the digital clock and when the number 8:15AM blinking innocently back at him, he groaned, stretched and wondered where on earth his lover has gone to this early in the morning of their day off. Usually the older man is even harder to wake up than Changmin is.. and that was when they have an early morning show to go to.

For a few minutes, Changmin just lay on his back and enjoys the early morning peace..of course if there is Yunho cuddling and snoring next to him, it’ll be perfect. But hey, the house’s not on fire and there Changmin hasn’t received any frantic calls from neighbors and manager alike.. So, he’s not too worried about his lover’s whereabout just yet..

The door to the bedroom burst open and in came Yunho flying and leaping onto the bed to glomp his lover,
“Changmin-ah~! Why are you still in bed?? Hurry! They gonna be here soon!!”

“Hmm? Mwo? Who is coming?”
Changmin asked confusedly while holding onto Yunho tightly lest the latter decided to keep jumping on the bed.

“The baby! Oohh.. you want a boy or girl?? I don’t mind either one but a little baby girl would be so awesome!”
Yunho babbles excitedly.

“Yun.. What the hell…”
Changmin was about to asked what his lover is talking about when he remembered..


THE day when ‘Hello Baby – TVXQ edition’ start filming..
a.k.a Changmin’s Worst Nightmare about to come true..

Suddenly the bright cheerful room seems a bit gloomy than before.
Changmin groaned, flops onto his back again and grabbed a pillow to suffocate himself with it.

And that was when the doorbell rings…



Q: What was your first thought when meeting the baby?
Y: I was excited.. but at the same time there was this ‘Ah.. this is it’ kinda feeling too.. The baby is so small, like a doll.. and so pretty. I guess, there was also a scared feeling? Like, ‘could I do this’.. and.. ‘why did we agree to this’.. and ‘would the baby like me’? *
laugh* I was also kinda worried how Changmin would take to the baby..

Q: How do you feel when you first met the baby?
C: My first thought? ‘Oh *beep*! *
laugh and look at the camera*.. Sorry.. sorry.. Right, my first thought was ‘Ah~ why is the kid so small?’ and ‘It’s a girl? We don’t know anything about little girls!’.. I also keep thinking ‘did we do something to make the crew pissed at us? Why are they doing this?” *laugh again before turning serious and looked directly at the interviewer* Honestly though, you should think before doing this sorta thing to us..
everyone else in the room: ‘Gulp’*]


“Okay Yunho-sshi, Changmin-sshi.. meet your new baby daughter – at least for the next 4 months: Lee Hwara.. She is 14 months old, loves playing with her dolls and robots. She is a bit of a tomboy but likes playing dressing up as well. She likes watching Pororo the most and a very affectionate baby. While still learning how to talk, among all the toddlers in the orphanage, Hwara is one of the most active. Hwara-ni~, meet your papa Yun and papa Min.. c’mon.. say Annyeong..”

Changmin and Yunho could only stare at the chubby little girl (Yunho with stars in his eyes whereas Changmin.. kinda frozen up) in the arms of the plump woman from the orphanage. Meanwhile baby Hwara just keep gnawing on the ear of her unicorn doll and looked up to both men in curiosity with her big brown eyes.
Yunho decided he should take the first step (literally) and stepped closer to the baby and her carer while smiling and maintain an open and friendly face so as not to scare the baby.

“Annyeong Hwara.. I’m Papa Yun.. Aww, is that your dolly? He’s so cute~”
Yunho gestured towards the battered unicorn in Hwara’s hand. He read that showing interest in a child’s favoured doll could endear an adult to the child’s mind more easily.

“Uhn.. Doowlie!”
Hwara – pleased that the tall man likes her Doolie, smiled toothily at Yunho (who is about to squeal from the cuteness of the little girl)

“Oh, Annyeong Doolie.. How are you? I’m Papa Yun.. and this grumpy puss behind me here is Papa Min..”
Here he received a giggle from Hwara and a scowl he could totally felt scorching his back from his lover.
“Doolie-ah~ from now on Hwara-ni will stay with us.. Do you think she will like that?”

“Wawa wike!”
The toddler squealed.. She began squirms in the effort to go to nice tall man.

Yunho laughed and took her from the lady.
“Annyeong Pretty Wawa.. Ppopo?”
Yunho pursed his lips towards the chubby toddler and received a loud (and wet!) baby kiss in return.
He laughed in delight and peck Hwara’s cute button nose and turned to Changmin,
“Changmin-ah.. our baby is so cute, right? Wanna hold her?”

Up til his dying day, Changmin would never admit that his expression that resembles more of deer in the headlights rather than his usual confident smirks.



Q: Are you scared of the baby?
C: ..Ani.. I mean, I’m not scared per se.. more like.. uh.. *
depressed sigh*.. Okay, I might be a bit in awe of the kid. Kids are scary creatures! What if she cried? I would feel terrible! Plus kids always cry when they were with me.. Ask my cousins!

Caption: Witty snarky Shim Changmin – defeated by babies! Lol.. :D

Q: What do you think of the baby?
Y: Oh, I think I stopped breathing when I first saw her.. Nomu kyeowo. I just wanted to hug her and shower her with kisses and never let go..
Caption: Papa!Yun completely in love with our cutie Hwara


“Hwara-ya.. this is your room.. Um~ Kang-sshi.. Where’s her luggage?”
Yunho asked the lady from the orphanage as he carries Hwara into a large room decorated to the fullest with everything a little baby girl might ever want or need.

Changmin wonders when on earth Yunho found the time to do this without him noticing and decided that his hyung must have hired an interior designer..

“Well, all her stuff are in this bag.”
The middle-age lady held up a tattered brown bag.

Yunho and Changmin stares at her,
“That’s it? Her clothes? Her toys?? That is one really small bag, Kang-sshi..”
Changmin asked.

“I’m afraid so that the orphanage not doing so well but we do try to provide the children with some basic necessities at least.”

“I’m sorry Kang-sshi.. We just meant that we thought a baby would have a lot of stuff.. I’m sure you did the best that you could considering your limited options..”
Yunho said smoothly as it seems that the lady might feel a bit prickly at the thought that anyone said she’s not doing her job well..

Meanwhile the baby looks around the big (pink!) room and began squirming to be let down to explore.
She pulled at Yunho’s cheek and demands his attention.

Changmin laughed at the plucky little girl and the funny look on Yunho’s face. Maybe he could get used to the baby after all.. She IS extremely cute

Kang So Yeon looks at both grown men sitting on the floor with the baby commanding their absolute attention and knows that by the end of the 4 months, the toddler could possibly be the most envious/famous baby in the nation.. and probably the most pampered too..

Annyeong~! Hwara imnida!! From now on, I will be staying with Papa!Yun and Daddy!Min..Hope we will have fun together :D
A/N: I try to follow like Hello Baby series (with interviews in between scenes and all).. Please bear with me.. *bows low*. Whoever not familiar with Hello Baby, please do so. I LOVE Shinee’s Hello Baby (can find the eng sub in Youtube: HERE)


1. Security cameras aren’t allowed to be used to record JUST TVXQ.

2. ‘But they’re SO cute~’ is not an excuse.

3. No, Security Division aren’t allowed to sell/create make-shift cinema with Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho interaction footage to raise more money.

4. ‘Because we need those expensive nifty taser guns plus it’s for the good of humanity’ is not a valid reason.

5. And take down that popcorn stand!

6. Employees are not allowed to keep on stocking the company’s fridge (and pantry, and the supply cabinet behind the photocopier at second floor) full of instant ramen or snacks or sweets just so that they could feed Shim Changmin whenever he starts pouting.

7. Note: Shim Changmin officially stated that he never pouts.. only manly scowling.

8. Female employees are not allowed to bring in their soft toys or babies or dolls that looks realistically like babies (that it nearly gives our CEO a heart attack when he stepped on one last week) just because Jung Yunho likes to play with them.

9. That goes for the male employees as well.

10. While the company encourages diversity in culture, sexes, nationality and religion preferences; please let it be known that ‘The Order of Dark Lord VoldeMin’ is an unofficial and therefore objectionable form of religion.

11. So please refrain from trying to trick Jung Yunho into being naked and then pour hot chocolate sauce on him – claiming that it’s for photoshoot, before locking him and Changmin in the dressing room together.

12. ‘He’s the sacrifice for Lord VoldeMin’ is an unacceptable defense.

13. And could someone please clean the dressing room up (and take out that damn King size water bed!)

14. Jung Yunho is not allowed to deliberately widened his eyes and pout (a.k.a Puppy’s Eyes of Doom Attack) whenever he didn’t get his way. Other groups had complaint that the company’s CEO and stakeholders are all already hopelessly smitten by him and thus he shouldn’t get any cuter than he is now.

15. Shim Changmin is not allowed to smirk, glare, stare or even smile to stakeholders and/or company’s CEO/president whenever he accompanies Jung Yunho to meetings. This is due to the ‘Like I just met the Devil himself and I’m a puny insect’ feeling everyone seems to experienced whenever they met his eyes.

16. Shim Changmin is forbidden to accompany Jung Yunho to any meetings. Period.

17. TVXQ manager: Please inform Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho that the dressing room while has a good lock, is NOT soundproof.

18. Neither is the closet nor the washroom.

19. OR the CEO’s office.

20. Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho while are encouraged to sit together and being themselves, please try to include other colleagues in your conversation and attention. Remember, SME encourages ‘Family’ close interaction and friendliness.

21. Shim Changmin: NOT that close though. So if you could refrain from making Jung Yunho limps into studio every other day, the choreographer would really appreciate it.


S.M.E Management

A/N: I regret NOTHING!! Muahahaha..! *slinks back to unfinished fics*

(Listen to THIS while reading coz I wrote the fic with this vid playing on the background) 

“….. o young.. What a pity.”

“No choice.. he is the only second-in-command left.. He has to take responsibility to save his Lord, not to mention his fath..”

Muffled voices greeted Changmin when he awoke slowly. His scent of smell arose next – distinctly noting the telltale medicinal herbs pounded into some poultice. Then came the pain – muffled by whatever potent concoction the family doctor had poured down his throat (judging by the foul taste in his mouth).
Changmin opened his eyes and immediately closed them again with a hiss as the bright light pierced through his vision.

“Omo.. I think Young Master Changmin is awake. Hurry Sangmi! Called the healer”

He tried to open his eyes again.. this time more slowly and cautiously.
Two blurred figures wavered in front of his eyes which couple of seconds later solidify into the worried face of his manservant and a calm-looking granny (he vaguely remember her as the clan’s healer).

“Master Changmin.. Welcome back. How are you feeling? Nauseous? Dizzy? You gave us quite a scare there, Young master..”
The old lady asked – her voice gentle and kind. Her cold hand pressed soothingly on Changmin’s hot forehead.
“Hmm.. the fever’s down, thankfully.. You’ll be fine in couple of days..”

“How lo..”
Changmin paused as a dry cough forced its way out. A servant handed him a small ceramic bowl and he took it, thankful for the cool spring water easing his parched throat.

“You’ve been unconscious for two days after coming back from the battle. Don’t worry, no lasting or serious injury but you did have a concussion and caught a fever on the first day.”

“Yeah, getting hit on the head by the enemy’s shield could do that for you..”
Changmin muttered.

He laid back while couple of servants fuss around the room and the healer check on his other injuries (a long scratch at his side, courtesy of an unfortunate encounter with unfriendly katana.. and few other superficial wounds across his arms and chest). 20 minutes later the door to the room slides open, revealing his parents: Head clan: Shim Dongsik and his gentle wife, Lady JiYo.
Before Changmin could say anything, his mother rushed forward and hugged him tightly. Seeing that her only son awake and well, had pushed away Jiyo’s regal bearing and left only her ‘Umma’ role.

“Changmin-ah.. my baby, you’re awake! Do you feel hurt anywhere?”
She cried, kissing him on his cheeks.

Changmin patted his mother’s back awkwardly – face flushed at the thought his cold prince reputation would never be the same again judging from the servants giggle and whisper,
“Sorry Umma for making you worried.. I’m alright now..”

“Son. It’s good to see you are well.. We were… concerned.”
Shim Dongsik look at his son in affection.

“Sorry Abeoji. I promise I’ll try not to get hurt on purpose or otherwise again.”
Changmin said, rolling his eyes a bit.

In a way, he guessed he should feel thankful that he has such loving parents unlike most of other noble families in which the parents are much concern in taking care of the family’s reputation rather than their offspring.

“Anyway Abeoji, have you seen Yunho around? I want to show off my scar. He’ll be so~ jealous, I bet!”
Changmin grin fondly as he thought of his ‘part-best-part-rival’ friend. He will never admit it (not that he needs to.. Everybody with eyes can see those two are crushing on each other actually) but his favourite past time activity is to tease the older boy.. Yunho looks so pretty and adorable when he’s trying to not to give in and cry.

At the question, silence fell across the room. Even the previously giggling servants are now glancing at each other while the healer somehow is focusing more that ever at pounding the herbs within an inch of their life. And no one dares to look at Changmin directly.
Changmin could feel cold shiver running down his spine.
“Yunho.. he.. is he al.. he’s not hurt, is he?”

“No.. no.. He’s not hurt. He is infact now is at his house”

Changmin breathe a sigh of relief at that then look at his father in puzzlement,
“Well if he’s alright, what’s with all these serious looks?”

Shim Dongsik gestured for all the servants and the healer to leave them alone. After they left, Dongsik took a deep breath and looks directly at his son. He knows he ahs to tell Changmin. There’s just no other way around it..
“Listen, we won the battle. But we found out that there’s a traitor in the clan.. It was a general from Jung family..”

“Yunho would never..!”
Changmin starts protesting but his father held up his hand to quiet him down.

“I know.. It wasn’t Yunho. The traitor was killed in the fight. It was someone in the family though.. and.. Changmin, you know what is the punishment for a traitor, right? To their family?”

Yes, Changmin knows very well what happened to those who had lost their honor. They and their family would be cast out of the clan at best.. or worse, be stripped of their rank and get divided to be servants for the rest of the clan members.

“The head of Jung family refused to accept either punishment and to regain their honor and truthfully after the battle, the clan is in no position in discarding any members.. We can’t afford to lose any strength in numbers.. But at the same time, we can’t let the crime go just like that. Someone needs to take the responsibility… and to show his sincerity to preserve their family’s honor, Jung Yanghyun had offered to perform hara-kiri. But he is the head of the family.. he is important.. So…”
Dongsik trailed off…

“No! What the hell?! Just no!”
Changmin stood up while his mother tried desperately to make him lie down again – lest he reopened the stitches.
“Why does Yunho has to do the hara-kiri?! Are you guys crazy?!! He has nothing to do with the betrayal. He is innocent!”

“Changmin… he volunteered..”

At the quiet voice of his father, Changmin was stunned into silence.

“It pains me as well.. But he just calmly stood up and volunteered to go in his father’s place.”



“I said, When?!!

At his son’s angry snap, Dongsik just sighed and said,
“Tomorrow.. at sunrise.”

Changmin didn’t say anything, shoved past his mother and stalked outside.
Jiyo moved to intercept him but was stopped by her husband’s quiet voice.

“Let him go, Jiyo.. He deserves to say his goodbye.. Let them have this last night..”

Jiyo could only whispered brokenly at her son’s retreating back..


Yunho is in his room.. calmly tidying things up – stopping once in a while to smile softly at whatever items in his hand that invoke sweet memories.
He had politely asked everyone to leave him alone and after kissing his crying mother’s cheeks and bowing to his usually stern-but-tonight-is-unusually-somber looking father, he had retreat back to his room. He understands how everyone feels.. But truthfully, it’s taking all his energy at the moment to stay composed in front of his family members. He can’t even bear to hug his sister properly as one look at her wide tears-laden eyes nearly breaks his resolve.. While he knows he’s doing the right thing, it still feels like he’s disappointing her.

One good thing about tonight is, Changmin is still unconscious and would be spared from seeing Yunho being pathetic on this last night.
He wouldn’t have to see how Yunho is actually not as brave as everyone seems to think he is, how he’s actually so scared that he desperately wants someone to just hug him tightly and say it’s okay… even if it’s a lie.
Because despite all their banters and silly arguments, Changmin knows him best after all.

Most of all, he wouldn’t have to look into Changmin eyes and feels the regrets of words unspoken… feelings unshown..

Just as the thought crossed his mind, the door to his bedroom burst open and Yunho looked up in surprise at the familiar figure leaning against the door frame.
For a moment he entertained the thought that maybe his mind had ditched him.. that maybe God in His mercy had given Yunho a small reprieve from the burden of coming sunrise by letting his crazy mind conjured up the very person dearest to his heart. But once he took in the labored breathing and thin rivulets of blood – no doubt from the stitches the man had managed to open, running down one arm, Yunho knows that the Changmin standing before him now is HIS Changmin.. not just a figment of his imagination.

“Ch.. Changmin-ah!”

The younger man didn’t say anything and just stepped inside the room and closed the door behind him. When he turned back to look at Yunho, the dark intense angry look in his eyes caused the other to bit his lips though tried to offer him a shaky smile in return.

“Changmin-ah.. I’m so glad you’re alright. They told me that you have concussion and with anyone else. they might be out for at least a week.. Guess Choikang Changmin really showed those pesky healers that you’re not like anyone else, eh?”
Yunho joked and grin at his longtime friend.

Changmin looked at the bright smile,
“I heard that you are taking full responsibility.”
He ask.. no, said quietly.

Yunho stutters,

“What the hell were you thinking?!”

And Yunho welcomes the anger as it is familiar ground between them.
“It’s the right thing to do!”

“For whom?! You always have to play the martyr, don’t you?! ‘Oh look how the family was saved thanks to Yunho’s sacrifice’.. You are so fucking selfish!”

“Selfish?! I was doing it to save the family! To restore our honor! To save my father!! It has to be done. There’s no other way around it!”

“Why you?! You have nothing to do with it! You just throwing your life away for some useless honor~?!”

“You know the rules, Changmin. My father is too important especially now that the Jung family is in tatters. Furthermore, I can’t let him die Changmin.. I just can’t. Not when I can do something about it!”

“No. You’re doing because you are stupid! Have you ever just stop and fucking think how your mother and Jihye would feel?! Do you think your father is now rejoicing that his son is volunteering to die in his place?! And how about me?... Did I even enter your mind?”

Yunho tried to reach out to Changmin but the younger man barreled on.

“You don’t understand, don’t you? For those who died, they had it easy. They die, they went back to earth and that’s it. Good bye and the end. We, the one that’s been left behind.. we’re the one that has to deal with the memories. We’re the one that has to remember.. we’re the one whose heart will be ‘stabbed’ again and again… Tell me, Yunho, Have you ever thought about that?”
Changmin stalked forward and grabbed both of Yunho’s upper arms tightly and pulls him closer to his face.
“If you wanted to die so badly, then take my memories away with you! Leave me none! I don’t want them.. You stupid, fucking, useless, selfish man..”

The first press of their lips was harsh and Yunho struggles wildly in Changmin’s arms to get away from the temptation.

‘I can’t.. What.. What is he doing?!.. We can’t..’

Then slowly the pressure lessen until all that’s left are little licks against Yunho’s bruised lips encouraging him to open up those succulent morsels and let Changmin have his way. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than Yunho could have imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and Yunho finally opened his mouth with a low moan.

And so they were lost in each other..


“Who is that kid?”

“Huh? Who are you talking about?”

“That kid.. The one that always watching us from behind the tree..”

“Ah.. That is the first son of the Jung family.. I think his name is Yunho. And he’s older than you, Changmin..”

“Well, why he never joins us playing?”

“I don’t know.. I heard that he is quite frail or something. He always falling sick with fever and very clumsy..”

6 years old Changmin looks at the still peeking behind the tree boy, he certainly looks smaller than Changmin. But he’s kinda cute too..

“Hey you!”

“What the.. What are you doing Changmin? Why did you call him?”

The boy just ignore his older cousin, Jaejoong and called out to the Jung boy again,
“Hey Jung Yunho, I’m talking to you..”

The boy behind the tree blinked back and looked behind him to see if the Changmin is talking to someone else behind him..

Little Changmin scowled and stalked towards the tree in purposeful stride – causing the smaller boy to yelp and backed away.

“Hey don’t you know your own name? You are Jung Yunho, aren’t you??”

Little Yunho nodded meekly.

Changmin grin,
“Cool. I’m Changmin and that idiot-looking chubby over there is Jaejoong hyung and that duck-butt boy is Junsu-hyung and the one that is being chased by the girls now is Yoochun-hyung.. We’re going to catch some frogs at the river. Wanna join us?”

“Uh.. Uhm.. I shouldn’t..Umma sai..”

“Aish.. It’ll be okay! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Yunho looked down at Changmin’s outstretched hand and while it maybe funny that the younger boy promised to take care of him instead the other way around, Little Yunho instinctively trust Changmin to keep his words.

With a shy smile, he reached out and the curled of the other hand around his warm his heart.

And that was how they started really..


“Omo, mochi!! I love mochi!!”

“I know.. you keep coming here and eating them everyday.. Leaving none for me. Hyung, don’t you think you look like mocha yourself? What with that chubby cheeks..”

Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun laughed good naturedly at Yunho’s pouty face after he stuck out his tongue at smirking Changmin. The two are the best of friends but God knows Changmin just love teasing the older boy – sometimes even resulted in tears (after which Changmin would surreptitiously let Yunho picks all their games and win them as a mean of apologizing).

“Young Master Changmin.. Master Dongsik is calling for you in the main hall”
A maid interrupt the group who is lounging around Changmin’s garden – enjoying the afternoon sun: too hot to play and yet too lovely to just being cooped up indoor.

Looking at Changmin’s retreating back, Junsu pick up a red-bean mocha and said thoughtfully,
“You know.. I always thought Changmin hates sweet things. And yet, he always buy mochi for us..”

“Maybe coz he loves his friends? We always hangout at his house anyway..”
Yoochun answered lazily – yawning and stretching on the blanket spread across the soft grass.

“Yeah well, if he’s so nice then I wish he would but those with sesame seeds or green tea fillings. I don’t quite like the red beans one..”
Junsu complaint while popping one of the soft treat into his mouth.

“I love red beans one~ So I don’t mind”
Yunho piped in, smiling sweetly.

“Hmm.. yes.. You do, don’t you? Maybe that’s why we’ve been having red bean flavor mochi for as long as I remember here..”
Jaejoong smiled secretly to no one in particular.

Yunho tilted his head confusingly at Jaejoong.

“I don’t know to feel sorry or laugh at Changmin..”
Muttered Jaejoong.

Junsu and Yoochun could only shake their heads at the clueless boy.


“What’s with that pouty face?”

“I’m not pouting!”

“Fine~ why the kicked puppy face then..”
Changmin laughed as Yunho punched him in the arm.



“You heard about the imperial army have marched out of Gojoseon, right? I.. I think we’ll be called to present ourselves to join the battle soon. Even Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun had been called back to their own clan.”

Changmin glanced at Yunho sitting at his side, looking across the rice field towards the distance.
“Hmm.. Perhaps.. Why? You already scared?”

Yunho looked up quickly at his friend,
“No.. I’m not scared.. But Changmin-ah.. If you are.. I mean.. Be careful..”
The last part was said in a small voice.

Changmin smile and cup Yunho’s cheek with one hand,
“Idiot. I’ll be fine.. It’s you who is the clumsy one. Why, you might likely accidentally stumble and stabbed your officer instead of the army..”

“What did you say?!!”

Changmin laughed again at seeing Yunho’s angry face before jumping up and ran away when the shorter boy starts chasing him around the field.

Yunho-ya~.. I hate to see your sad face the most..


Inky black sky dotted with glittering stars, the cold wind blows gently across the town – sneaking in between rafters to soothe the residents inside.
All around, not a single movement could be seen as everyone is still soundly asleep – safe within the arms of their loved ones.
The night is ending,
The dawn is coming.
Tears would fall,
And hearts would break.

But for now…
There’s only peace.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?”

Changmin didn’t say anything at the quiet whisper and just draw the man in his arms tighter against himself as if he could keep the other safe just by not letting him go. Their naked bodies entwined with each other beneath the thin blanket.

“Sleep Changmin..”
Yunho raised the arm that was around his waist to place a tenderest kiss on its knuckles.
“Sleep and dream the sweetest dream, love..”

Still Changmin didn’t say anything and just buried his face against Yunho’s nape. His breath hitched and his voice choked in his throat.

Please Yunho.. please..

Yunho turned to face the other and sat up a bit. He drew Changmin back up so his back is against Yunho’s front and with his head resting against Yunho’s shoulder, He wrapped one hand around the younger man’s broad chest and gently petting him.
“Close your eyes.. and let me hold you..”
He whispers and with his other hand, he covered Changmin’s eyes softly.

“Changmin-ah.. listen.. I want you to go out and live your life as you always wish it to be.. You are the brightest light, never forget that. You are my joy and everything good in this world.. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.. Thank you for reaching out to me all those years ago.”

Yunho could feel the wetness seeping between his fingers.
“Don’t mourn for me, Changmin-ah.. Don’t be sad for me, Changmin-ah.. Just know that you are so much loved and perhaps if God is merciful, we’ll meet again in another life time… Don’t keep holding on, Changmin-ah.. Don’t cry.. For it will hurt me more to leave you. Let me go.. ”

And so he keeps on talking gently and softly interlaced with drops of kisses on top of Changmin’s head.. He could feel the younger man’s breathing deepened and that taut body finally relaxing in his arms..

And still Yunho goes on.. He talks about how he feels when he first look at Changmin all those years ago when they were still kids – how he loves watching Little Changmin laughing and playing around with his cousins and friends, he talks about how he knows Changmin doesn’t like sweets but still pretends that he does just so he could buy them for Yunho. He talks when he first fell for the younger man. He talks about how jealous he was against those girls that always flocked around Changmin.. and how happy he was when Changmin left them to accompany Yunho wherever he feels like going at that time.

He talks until his voice gotten hoarse and he continues on.
And not once he stops the petting and peppering kisses against the messy jet-black hair.

In the distant, a cock crowed mournfully.

Yunho looked outside and through the glass window he could see the sky lighten slowly with approaching sunrise.

And he talks some more: On how he loves Changmin’s talent to draw anything into almost life-like similarity.. Some might think it’s a useless talent but Yunho thinks it’s beautiful.. He continues that Changmin should always follow his instinct and do what makes him the happiest instead what makes other people happy.

Until at last he knows it is time to go and carefully he slid his hands off the sleeping younger man and with the softest kiss on those full lips, he whispered his last words,
“I love you, Changmin-ah.. and goodbye..”

As the door closes behind Yunho, Changmin turned on his back and tosses and arm across his face. He can’t think, he can’t speak.. All he could do is to try and breathe..

And as the shout of the honor preserved went up in a cheer outside in the courtyard,
Tears fell down the side of his face..

I love you too, Yunho-ya..

A/N: huhu.. I was in such sad/depressing mood lately.. btw: This fic was entirely based one of the story in the manga ‘Hybrid Child’ by Shungiku Nakamura. Can’t really believe I actually wrote this.. haha.. I’ve always wanted to do this scene. I cried when I read it ;___;. And I’m kinda proud of this one so I hope you will like it as well :)

Crizz's Note: 
Ja, so this is the tenth set.. How was it so far? sorry for the extremely slow update.. Real life's been a bitch and honestly I've been lacking spirit-wise to just do anything. I've been quite tired of life lately.. And no, this is not 'woe-is-me' complaint. I'm just stating a fact.. To those who read and comment, thank you. For your lovely words and kind attention, thank you. For your encouragement and support, thank you. *bows low on the floor*. 
For any weakness and mistakes in my work, I really am sorry.. 

God bless;

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cc9095cc9095 on June 23rd, 2012 03:50 pm (UTC)
So many emotions at once. First fluffiness, then more fluffiness and then sadness XD The memo part is my fave one lol
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:39 am (UTC)
Thanks bb :).. I'm happy you like them ^^
bizarrels2vetriobizarrels2vetri on June 23rd, 2012 04:00 pm (UTC)
the last one is too sad!!
so melancholic.. so hard to let go of the one u love.....
but i love their childhood part...
so lovely, so sweet and so innocent!
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:40 am (UTC)
The Original manga is so sad too!! I cried reading it :(

Thanks for reading and commenting XD
bizarrels2vetriobizarrels2vetri on August 11th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
Can u tell me the title??

Ahhh wait... I didn't realize ur note up there!

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Sitty1232sitty1232 on June 23rd, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)
............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ALL I COULD SAY IS THANK YOU SO MUCH. T_______T Every series ( specially the last one) touched my heart in the most painful yet gentle and beautiful way. THANK YOU. :')
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
You're welcome.. honestly, the readers comments are the one that fuel me on.. So: thank YOU
simdesimde on June 23rd, 2012 06:33 pm (UTC)
*cries a river*

I guess your mood shows in your choice of music (sad naruto music) but I loved it anyway :)
(you should have out this before the fluff, atleast that way this comment would be longer T.T)
Waiting for your next drabble :D

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criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
Thanks darling :).. yep, whichever music I was listening to would affect my fic :)
trish3815trish3815 on June 23rd, 2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
I thought the other one was going to continue... Yunho is going to be in a lot of trouble once Changmin catches him and Jae hugging... I just don't want them to split up because of this....

The Baby: she is adorable and could be a little Changmin... Yunho will be a great dad but I think with Changmin it will come as the spend more time together...

The Memo: this to too funny... just love it.. especially numbers #8, #11,#12, #17-#19 and the last
one.. priceless...

Words Unspoken:.. why did you add that music... I started crying once you realize what Yunho has to do... love how you put in there how they met and how he included him in their group... the music does make it more upsetting... I wish Changmin could have done out there and stopped it... loved it...
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
lol.. I think Changmin would adore the baby once he could spend more time with her.. she's so cute, right? *hug her*

thanks for reading and such lovely comments
yunnieddictedyunchunnified on June 23rd, 2012 10:29 pm (UTC)
I love it! Even if i already read it on your tumblr, i still read it again here. And oh that last drabble was so painful to read i could not even stop crying. You are good job! :)
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:45 am (UTC)
Thank you :)
buzbeanbuzbean on June 24th, 2012 12:49 am (UTC)
i was still hoping that Min could do something to stop Yunho in the last one.
still love it anyway

Thanks for all the lovely series that you have shared!
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:54 am (UTC)
well, at least we know they will find each other again in the next life :)..
thanks for liking it bb :)
naeddnanaeddna on June 24th, 2012 01:30 am (UTC)
thx for this series and am loving it, but the last one... *sobs*
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:55 am (UTC)
*hands tissue*

Thanks hun :)
winter_subakiwinter_subaki on June 24th, 2012 03:11 am (UTC)
wawa? just like my nick name XD
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
:).. that was cute
saku_123saku_123 on June 24th, 2012 06:02 am (UTC)
I love Hwara, she's adorable!

Gosh, yunho.................why does he always has to be the one to sacrifice himself T_T wae? :(((((
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
because he is YUNHO..

Thanks for reading bb :)
ujejaeyunujejaeyun on June 24th, 2012 06:20 am (UTC)
Love homin hello baby <3<3<3
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
thanks :)
yunholic62yunholic62 on June 25th, 2012 04:55 am (UTC)
wow, the last is make me sad.....
hope changmin can do something for save yunho......
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
uh.. i dont think he could ;__;
QianC: minnie sshhhgrumpybiscuit on June 25th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC)
I have to apologize, cos I read the fics from a very wrong order from my inbox. So I'll read your latest post first (which is part 2). I tried to rearrange my comments but then it will be so damn out of order because I type out what I think as I read them so....I'll let you do the reading (I doubt you read them all).

1: D' Hwara is so kewwwwtttt!!!!! And I like how polar opposite Ho and Min are. Understandable on Min side cos he was never that fond of little kids. And this little creepy crawler just took the attention away from him so...yeah...very understandable.

2: Changmin should have been sued for using Lord VoldeMin so many times. Hehehe....

3: roommate was worried about me because I was giggling all the way from the first to the second fic and then cried on the third one - she thought I was watching some sad movies. Omo...I feel the pain and hurt of Chamitan. The memories of how they met was so sweet. 'Goodbye' never sound so sad.
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 05:59 am (UTC)
Re: First
lol.. thanks for commenting bb :).. Changmin didn't use it.. Fans were giving him that nickname coz he's evil maknae.. (though i think he's sneakier and smarter than Voldemort, really.. lol XD)
Lophe ♥lophe on June 26th, 2012 08:20 am (UTC)
omygosh i'm so glad when i back to lj i found u update a fic.. hohoho... but u made me cry because of "WORDS UNSPOKEN" woaaah... so tragic.. :'(
curious with the next part of PERFECTLY IMPERFECT Subseries!!
and i also love the others!! LITTLE LOST BUNNY my fave actually!! ^o^
Thank you for writing :)
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:00 am (UTC)
Thanks hun! :D
reekittyreekitty on June 26th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
I really really love your drabble series. I look forward to them every time ^_^ Especially the fluffy ones XD I hope to one day write drabbles as good as yours :)
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
aww.. *blushes*.. thanks for the compliment.. There are so many others who are way better than i am..
Anaaninhacmpereira on June 26th, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
I love your Drabble series! And I love the way you write! You're an awesome writer! =D
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC)
thank you!! *hug you forever*
sakaepichayasakaepichaya on June 27th, 2012 05:32 am (UTC)
Doh! Can I pleeeease change places with that baby! haha that one is my favorite! Oh Yunho, you will always be setting impossible standards for the rest of us to follow, even in parenting. duhuhuhuh

Great job! You always do so well, and though life is tiring, I know, just keep your head up and move forward even when things are seem unbearable. It just means a break through is coming your way:)

Thank you for your hard work!
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC)
YUnho is perfect :).. no one could ever outshine him.. the man is pure sunshine himself ^^

Thank you for encouraging words.. my readers are the best! *bow low*
gnoeltopgnoeltop on June 30th, 2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
Uh.. The last one made me cry. It's so sad. Thanks for the fics. I love this drabble series.
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC)
thanks for reading :)
ficreader90: pic#117914006ficreader90 on July 4th, 2012 08:36 am (UTC)
*sobs* beautiful.. LOOVE YOUR FIC's!! >.<" can you plz add me! i want to read all of your awesome fics <33
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:05 am (UTC)
Thanks bb :)..
Nikjjhyung on August 2nd, 2012 02:41 pm (UTC)

OMG! XD I LOL'ED at the fics xD Specially those parts about the rules in SME XDD
then in the Lost bunny.. Deym! I couldn't stop Rofl-ing then and there XDD
I think I just Died..! XD

I Like The Last Fic >D
It's a very sad fic o:
But I like Angst 8D
That's why I like the Last one 8D

criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:06 am (UTC)
aww.. thanks hun..

p/s: last one is my fav too.. I cant believe I actually wrote that. I've always wanted to
spankyjujuspankyjuju on August 5th, 2012 01:37 pm (UTC)
Omo, if only TVXQ actually did the Hello Baby series! That would be awesome :D It'd be on replay for a long long time XD

The memo one was hilarious! Really really love the Dark Lord VoldeMin and cute Yunho

*sniff* It's so bittersweet...
criztalinzcriztalinz on August 11th, 2012 06:06 am (UTC)
thanks hun *hugs*
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