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About Yours Truly..
First of all, YES!! I'm waaaayyy over 18. I'll be legal for anything, in any countries.
I’m halfway in obsess with DBSK (especially Yunho!! *hugs* XXDD). Seriously guys, this the best vocal/dance group ever! Every single time I heard them sing LIVE, I’m amazed and blown away by their sheer talents. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Korean and Japanese, their angelic voices would touch your heart like no other.. I swear! It doesn’t hurt that each of them has such heartbreakingly beautiful faces either ;).

Another thing I’m obsess with are fanfics.. or more specifically, slash/yaoi fanfics (it means guys getting it on with other guys, capish?!). I do write few of my own (I’m not that good but thankfully, I got some very nice reviews on them \(*v*)/).

Currently my main OTP (One True Pairing) are:
-JaeHo (Jaejoong/Yunho: DBSK)
-MinHo (Changmin/Yunho: DBSK)
-SuChun (Junsu/Yoochun: DBSK)
-Padackles (Jared/Jensen: spn rps)

In other words, this journal would be chock full of slash related stuffs. Hate it? F*#k off then.. Haters not welcome here..
Others; please enjoy your stay ^__^.

Wish List
- For Changmin/Jaejoong to finally kiss the hell out of Yunho :p.
- Learn Japanese/Korean.
- Nokia N97
- Sony Ericsson W995
- Gateway FX P-7805u.
- Yamaha GC1 baby grand piano.

- List of MY FAV. Snape-centric Fics (not only fics.. there are also other misc. stuffs. e.g: vids..): HERE (f-locked) or HERE (Open to public).
- My backup account at IJ: Criztalinz's World.

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Criztalinz is a millionaire-in-training. She is sweet and helpful but she has ferocious temper. She's a bit of a ditz too. She loves cheesy pizza, shopping, yaoi manga/anime and slash fics. She strongly believes in Free Love and Speech.
Strengths: Friendly,helpful,funny,opinionated,cheerful,imaginative,curious,loyal
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Weapons: Innocent face,Death Glare o' Doom,stiletto heels,Jedi Sword,handcuffs
Quote: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they ticked me off.. Amen"

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OMO!!! have you ever seen more perfect couple than this?? O.O.. JaeHo FTW!!! this lovely lovely LOVELY photo manip belongs to jaegiya

Mitte.. mitte minna-san!! ore no student kaado!! Kakkoi deshou?? XD

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